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Just Water Heaters

Nunes Quality Plumbing & Heating, LLC is a service agent for State Water Heaters, AO Smith, Whirlpool and GE water heaters.

Just Water Heaters is a division of Nunes Quality Plumbing and Heating LLC.  Usually, when customers need a water heater replacement, they need it quickly. Water has flooded their basement, and they have no hot water. In this case, NQP&H treats this as a priority call. Here are the questions we will need to know to assist you in your water heater dilemma:

  1. Is your water heater leaking?
  2. Do you have hot water?
  3. Is your heater gas, oil or electric?
  4. How many gallons?
  5. What is the Model and Seriel number?
  6. Is your water heater vented out the chimney or power-vented?
  7. How old is your water heater?
  8. Is your basement finished, partially finished, or cement floored?
  9. Do you have access through a hatchway?
  10. Is it under warranty?


These questions are all relevant in pricing a water heater.   Call 860-688-8709 for a quote.

Did you know excessive water pressure and hard well water can make your water heater fail prematurely?  

On demand heaters are not recommended for everyone.   Wonder why?    Give Jeff Nunes a call.

Let us check your system and make a recommendation to help prolong the life of your water heater.  

To assure hot water fast, we gladly accept most major credit cards.


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