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FAQ's (Ask Jeff) - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I avoid clogged drains?
Generally, nothing should go down your toilet accept toilet paper. Flushable wipes and feminine products are not recommended. Toilets today are very water efficient (1.6 gallons). With garbage disposals, if you can pick it up with your hand, it should go in the garbage and not down the drain. No grease or oils are recommended, and cold water should be used when on. These fixtures should be used but not abused.

How often do I need to service my furnace? How often do I need to service my water heater?
Your furnace should be cleaned and maintained annually. This keeps it running efficiently. Filters are changed, vent piping is checked, dust is vacuumed, components are cleaned for optimal performance. Water heaters should also be cleaned of sediment from the bottom. These practices will increase efficiency and extend the life of your products.

jeff nunes of nunes quality plumbing and heating
Jeff Nunes


What do I need to winterize? What can I do to avoid frozen pipes?
Most frozen pipes occur as a result of draft and cold. To avoid frozen pipes from splitting, properly insulate the pipes and the walls. Winterize houses that are not being lived in, up for foreclosure, or being sold.  The proper procedure is to blow out the lines, drain the system, and use anti freeze.

Can I change my faucet from two handle to single handle?
Yes.  NQP&H has changed many faucets from two handle to one. Replacing fixtures can be an expensive endeavor, but well worth the price. ; Changing your sink & faucet can really update your kitchen and bath. Experts say your kitchens and baths sell a house. Bring your fixtures current with the year 2010. You won’t regret it. All new fixtures are water conservation conscious and help the going green effort.

Does my heating system need to be bled?
We recommend bleeding your system if you hear air or gurgling in the pipes or if it is not heating properly.   If you make changes to your system such as eliminating heat or adding a new zone of heat then the system should be bleed for optimum performance.



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